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Why You Need a Cloud-Managed IT Solution for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, you may face many challenges and issues related to your IT infrastructure. You have to manage hardware and software, ensure security, keep your systems updated, and perform backups, among other tasks.

Cloud-managed IT is a reliable and efficient approach to managing your IT requirements. This solution has the potential to save you money, time, and hassle, as well as grant you greater control, visibility, and flexibility over your IT operations.

Let’s take a look at why cloud-managed IT is necessary for your business.

What Is Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed IT?

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT is a service that lets you use and control your IT resources from the cloud without having to buy and take care of hardware and software in your place.

With Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, you can access Cisco Meraki’s hardware and software online. You can also use a web page or a phone app to see and control your whole network from one place and change your settings and rules. Cisco Meraki sets up, changes, and keeps your devices and gives you security, help, and data features.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT services are:


One of the cloud-managed IT services that Cisco Meraki offers is networking.

Networking lets you connect your devices, people, and places using wireless, switch, security, and SD-WAN services. It’s an essential part of running a small business because it enables you to access the internet, share data, and communicate with others.

With Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, you can manage your whole network from one place using a web page or a phone app. You can see and control all your devices, such as access points, switches, firewalls, and routers, from a single dashboard. You can also customize your settings and policies, such as network name, password, firewall rules, and VPN connections, as you wish.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT also gives you features that make your networking easy and fast, such as:

  • Easy setup

  • Automatic updates

  • Remote fixing

  • Network data


Another cloud-managed IT service that Cisco Meraki offers is communications.

Communication lets you talk and work with your team, customers, and others using voice and video services. Communication is important for your small business because it lets you communicate and collaborate with others, offering a better and smarter customer experience.

With Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, you can use phones and cameras to make calls, have meetings, and watch your premises using security cameras. You can also use other cloud platforms and apps to enhance productivity and collaboration, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

Endpoint management

Endpoint management is a service that lets you protect and manage your mobile devices and desktops using cloud and app management services. Endpoint management is essential for your small business because it enables you to secure and control your endpoints and supports remote work and mobility for your employees and customers.

With Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, you can use a system manager to join, set up, see, and update your devices and to use and control your apps. You can also make rules and limits and erase or lock your devices in case of loss or theft.

Smart spaces

Smart Spaces is a service that lets you make your physical spaces better and smarter using sensor analytics services. Smart spaces are important for your small business because they enable you to optimize your physical spaces and improve your operations, safety, and customer experience.

With Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, you can use sensors and cameras to measure temperature, humidity, water leaks, motion, and door openings. You can also use cameras to count people, find objects, and make heat maps. These insights will help you improve your operations, safety, and customer experience.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud-Managed IT for Your Small Business?

Two women work on their laptops from a home office

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT helps you solve common IT problems and reach your IT goals as a small business owner. Some benefits of Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT for your small business are:

  • Cost savings: Eliminate the need for purchasing, installing, or maintaining hardware and software. Enjoy reduced energy consumption, save on space and labor costs, and pay only for the services you utilize. Plus, effortlessly adjust your plan according to your evolving needs.

  • Time savings: Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up, updating, or troubleshooting IT systems. Free up valuable time previously spent on resolving issues, and redirect your focus towards essential business tasks while Cisco Meraki takes care of your IT needs.

  • Hassle-free: Ensure a dependable and secure IT environment with zero downtime, data loss, or cybersecurity threats. Benefit from high availability, superior performance, and seamless scalability of IT resources. Embrace Cisco Meraki's latest features and innovations seamlessly, without any disruptions.

  • Flexibility: Seamlessly adapt to changing business requirements by effortlessly adding or removing IT devices and applications. Support remote work, enhance mobility, and foster collaboration while accessing your IT environment from any device, location, or network.

  • Visibility: Gain comprehensive insights into your IT ecosystem. Manage all IT devices and applications effortlessly through a unified dashboard. Access real-time data and analytics on network performance, user activities, and security vulnerabilities. Leverage this information to optimize IT operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive informed business decisions.

How Can You Get Started with Cloud-Managed IT for Your Small Business?

If you are interested in cloud-managed IT for your small business, you can get started by contacting Max Netflow. We can assist you with the design, deployment, and management of your cloud-managed IT solution. With our vast experience and expertise, we are well-equipped to work with small businesses like yours.

We can help you:

  • Assess your current IT situation and identify your business goals and challenges.

  • Choose the best Cisco Meraki products and services that suit your needs and budget.

  • Install and configure your cloud-managed IT solution and ensure a smooth transition.

  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance for your cloud-managed IT solution and resolve any issues.

  • Monitor and optimize your cloud-managed IT solution and ensure its performance and security.

  • Advise you on how to leverage your cloud-managed IT solution to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Max Netflow is a reliable and experienced partner of Cisco Meraki that will help you get started and do well with cloud-managed IT. Contact us to learn more about cloud-managed IT, Cisco Meraki, and Max Netflow.

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